Custom Modular Homes

custom modular homesFor over 25 years, we have built beautiful custom modular homes crafted especially for each client. No project is too small or too big for our company. We are also one of a select few builders with expertise in the niche area of luxury custom modular homes building. With each home, we offer total design flexibility, superior quality, and unmatched architectural creativity.



Introduction to Custom Modular Homes

When it comes to the living abode, you would surely want to make it comfortable, something which would replicate your personality and a little of your taste as well. So, imagine the kind of impression you’d make if you invite your friend to your downtown edgy and funky Custom Modular Homes.

There are plenty of second-hand shipping containers for sale in the market, which can be recycled and used for many different purposes.  We can make environment-friendly homes that are unique, well functional, and look excellent. Custom Modular Homes have a lot of other benefits.



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Modular Rising works with select companies to receive special services and prices for our clients, including custom pools, home theaters, material upgrades, and more.