How to Finance a Modular Home or Commercial Building

Modular HomeFinancing a Modular Home or Commercial Building

Obtaining a modular home mortgage or commercial loan is no different from financing any other type of home or commercial building. Lenders will consider the applicant’s individual credit strength and financial history by reviewing, among other things, your credit report and credit score. The interest rate, down payment, and special terms will be based on this information and other lender-specific considerations.

If you are interested in purchasing a Modular Home, you are free to use any mortgage broker offering modular financing. Modular Rising is also happy to assist you during this process. If you have any questions about financing a modular home or obtaining a modular commercial loan, please feel free to contact us anytime!

Mortgage Calculator

For your convenience, we have provided a Mortgage & Loan Calculator. The calculator estimates your down payment and interest rate based on the purchase price and loan term. It also gives estimates for property taxes, property insurance, and PMI. We have also included a list of the current average U.S. mortgage rates.