Our customers have one of four choices

  • Provide your own modular design and floor plans.
  • Provide non-modular design and floor plans that our design team will modularize. We modularize your plans by reconfiguring the dimensions so that they are modular capable and meet the requisite state codes and regulations.
  • Choose from a selection of our standard home plans.
  • Collaborate with Modular Rising’s expert design team to custom design your home plans.

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Once you have chosen your final home plans, Modular rising will provide a thoroughly researched, comprehensive overview of the cost to build your home.

Once the home plans and estimation have been completed, the construction of the modular units begins. Modular Rising is one of the few technologically advanced construction companies giving customers constant access to information throughout the building process. You will be given a unique login to our client portal that will allow you to track the project from start to finish on your computer and/or mobile devices.

Why is modular construction more time-efficient than on-site construction? Among other reasons, one significant time-saver is that site preparation – including excavation, installation of the foundation, etc. – is completed simultaneously while the modular units are constructed.

The modular units are delivered and your new home is completed. This is where our clients are amazed! The time between delivery of your units and completion of your home is lightning fast.