Modular Rising Commercials

Modular Rising is the premier builder of modular multi-family and commercial properties. We can beat ANY site-built contractor’s price and bring your project to fruition faster than anyone else. We also guarantee our superior craftsmanship with a 10-year warranty.

Modular Rising has mastered the art of maximizing your commercial value. We use building methods and precautions that not only save time and money but also heighten the quality of each property. Our prefabricated buildings are constructed in a closed, climate-controlled environment – which protects them from inclement weather, such as rain and heavy winds. We also enforce the use of precision tooling (resulting in straight ceilings and walls) and extra reinforcement (by screwing and gluing the building materials) to ensure extreme sturdiness. This proficient method allows us to exceed building codes and surpass traditional builders in quality craftsmanship.

Our method and diligence allow us to complete projects in as little as 12 weeks depending on the size. But whether it takes 12 weeks or more, one thing is for sure – we can complete your project faster than any other builder without sacrificing quality. This is because our construction method gives us the added benefit of avoiding typical time delays, such as bad weather and the likes. We also provide accurate estimations, strictly maintain scheduling, and have associated with as much as 30 years of modular experience and expertise.

Our prices are far less than competitors, with clients enjoying savings of up to 20%. This means a customer would save approximately $100,000 for a $500,000 site-built property; or $4 million for a $20 million dollar site-built development property. For this reason, our clients often meet or fall below their budgets.

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Wondering about the limits of modular commercial construction? Well, my friends, the sky’s the limit. Check out this video from one of our global partners, Broad Homes: